A Baby is Coming

Not until July though and I must admit I’m counting down the days lately. It’s driving me a bit crazy.

This is day number 88 and you’re 12 weeks pregnant!
You have 192 days or 27 weeks left, and are 31.4% of the way there.
Baby’s age since conception is 74 days or 10 weeks. You are due on 7/31/2008.

 Wow – a whopping 31.4% of the way there. Time’s really flying… Only 192 days left. I really dispise Pregnancy Weekly  for putting me through the torturous hell of this countdown. I could stop going to the website but then I wouldn’t get the daily reward of seeing that I made it through another day.

I know – I should enjoy every moment. Maybe I need a new focus, like to decorate the nursery or some sort of project to keep my mind busier. Yeah – that’s it keep my mind – BUSIER!


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