The “Clique” might be down a Member

Ever since I became a stay at home mom I realized I needed the support and camaraderie of other stay at home moms. I joined a MOMS Club in my area. It took awhile to find my way but soon enough friendships were formed and I made some really great friends in the group.

The “Clique”Fast forward a few years and I just love the friends I’ve made. Some of the other girls call us a clique. I personally HATE that term. We’ve laughingly embraced it and now we even refer to ourselves as The “Clique”. We have the BEST time. We came together because we all have the innate belief in keeping things simple and uncomplicated. No need for LOTS of details…when we want to get together it’s a simple evening or outing. Give us a Time & Place and that’s all we need for a good time – oh, that and who’s bringing what to drink?

Of all of the girls in the “clique” there’s my friend Donna who is really the one who gets me. She never judges me (even when we judge others), we gossip without guilt, she keeps my secrets and I keep hers, we gripe about our husbands and motherhood and the greatest thing of all – we make each other feel better after getting it off our chests.

I’m not very open to starting friendships and I’m not very trusting with girls. I’ve been burned, what can I say. So imagine my disgust when I heard this week that Donna may be moving to Russia. Yes – RUSSIA! Who moves to Russia? Well she might and soon too. Sometime in July or afterwards… Doesn’t she know I’m due at the end of July?!?!?!?

Donna’s husband has been offered the chance of being Partner at work and would have to relocate to Moscow for 2 to 3 years. Now, I know that’s not too long but – DAMN! It hasn’t been completely determined as to if they are going but she’s seriously considering it and so now I am too.

Looks like our days of hanging out are numbered and I can’t tell you how sad that makes me. At least we know we’ll have to make the most of what time we have left.


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