Just keep BUSY!

I’m waiting for exciting news this week. Thursday we find out if our little bun is a boy or girl. I can hardly wait and so I’m trying to keep myself occupied so I’m not counting down the days. Meanwhile my son has had a rough time lately and has what I’m calling an attitude problem.  I can’t seem to get a good reward and punishment system worked out for him that actually works. I’m a bit exasperated at this point. Hopefully I can get it figured out in the next couple of months or I’m going to have a new baby and a cry baby to manage.

In other news, The Clique is planning our getaway to the Woodlands. Can’t wait. It will be my last trip before the baby gets here – at least without children. It should be so nice. The resort we are staying at has a fabulous pool and I plan to spend most of my time there. Or maybe I’ll get a nap in. I’ll have to have other ways to keep myself entertained since my usual plan of having a few drinks is on hold until after this bun gets here.

Thursday is going to be great though- first the ultrasound and news, then some shopping, the the Livestock show and Rodeo’s carnival, and finally MNO (Moms Night Out). FULL Day.


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