We’re having a little girl

Ultrasound at 20 weeksOn Thursday we had our ultrasound and its a girl. We are so excited. Josh, wasn’t at all surprised or excited. For the past 4 months he’s been telling us that its a sister. He’ll be a great big brother and I’m looking forward to finding my feminine side again through buying dresses and doing little girl things.

Pregnancy update: This is day number 145 and I’m 20 weeks pregnant. I have 135 days or 19 weeks left, and am 51.8% of the way there.

I’m excited to have reached a point in my pregnancy where I’m on the back end of the 9 months and even though at a 1/2 way point at least I’m feeling good for now.

We’ve got the nursery almost completed. Just needs a few more decorations and some drawers for all the hand-me-downs I’ve been told I’m getting from all of my friends. So generous of them and I’m excited about it. Though I worry the hand-me-downs won’t get that much use because I’m quite certain my family and inlaws will be buying every frilly, girly, pink baby item ever designed. Now its onto finding a name for this little girl.

Open to suggestions for middle names for two of our current favorites – Caitlyn and Lauren… share yours if you dare.


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