Mother’s Day Plans and Presents

I am a HUGE advocate for women doing things for themselves because we deserve it. I’m not talking about weekly pedicures and partying with friends Thursday, Friday and Saturday every week. I’m talking about the hard working mothers who strive to raise well balanced children all the while holding their house together. I know we have obligations and responsibilities to SO many people but don’t forget the responsibilities you have to yourself. Take care of yourself – go to the doctor, get your annual well woman, exercise, spend time with friends, love well, hit the snooze button and lay in bed, read a book or blog, see a movie, do something you WANT to do. Not just for Mother’s Day but try for at least once a month. Is that really that big of a challenge?

This brings me to my Mother’s Day plans… I’m going with my friends a.k.a. The Clique outside of town and staying at a resort for a day and night. It will be so nice and quiet and relaxing. I’ll be back home on Sunday for all the splendor that is Mother’s Day, so its not as though I’m missing it with my son and husband. This is a very warranted trip and probably one of my last “me time” trips for a good long time. I’m looking forward to the fun with my friends especially with Donna since this may be one of our last vacations together. The move to Russia seems imminent.

Here are just a few cool things I’ve run across that you may just end up adding to your wish list:


One response to “Mother’s Day Plans and Presents

  1. Last year for Mothers Day I shipped my husband and kid out of town and had the whole day to myself and that is exactly what I wanted. Totally awesome. I’m thinking of making it a tradition.

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