When I’m being nice to you – don’t be a jack ass.

Sounds like a concept that makes common sense – but no.

My father in law has a heart problem. The problem is that he’s had multiple heart attacks in recent years and continues to not take this seriously. He still smokes, he still eats all the wrong things and doesn’t exercise. Now he has (not being clinical here) an aneurysm building on his heart. It’s not good. Stressful to my husband – OF COURSE.

I’ve become quite bitchy lately – you know, pregnancy hormones and all… BUT, I’m trying my damndest to not take anything out on my husband or even remotely be a smart ass. I cooked a nice big dinner last night just for my husband. I listened to his concerns about his Dad at midnight. I’m preparing (mentally) for my husband to leave town at any moment to go be with his Dad when he has surgery. I’m trying to lighten the mood around here and laugh and play at dinner time and afterwards. I’m trying and he’s been trying.

So – don’t hang up on me because you get frustrated when I can’t hear you on the phone.

I’m trying to be nice.



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