A Ray of Hope

If you’ve ever seen any of my past posts with references to my dysfunctional relationship with my mother, maybe you’ll see what I saw – a ray of hope. That ray of hope has diminished substantially.

Here’s how the story goes…

A dear friend of mine, Sandy, offered to watch my son overnight (sometime soon), so that my husband and I could have a nice night out alone before the 2nd baby gets here. I was moved to tears at her offer. Seriously. I’d given up on the thought, idea, and notion that we’d ever get a night alone until the kids are older. I was shocked at her generous offer AND as icing on the cake she said that they could slumber at my house or hers – which ever Josh (and we) are more comfortable with.  We set up a day, which is next weekend and my husband and I booked our hotel and made plans.

In the past, my Mom has mentioned having my Son over to her house for a slumber party. (Not at my house or wherever Josh would be most comfortable.) I’ve never asked her to and she’s only mentioned once or twice. I don’t want to be the daughter that constantly pushes her kids off on the grandparents – so until my mother tries to actually set up a slumber party date, I haven’t wanted to push the issue.

So I’ve got plans in place with Sandy and all is well. I had no intention of actually talking to my mother about this getaway and my arrangements with Sandy, but it slipped during a phone call. Next thing I know, my Mom says that she’s going to keep Josh that night and acted offended that I didn’t ask her. I never changed my plans with Sandy because my Mother hadn’t mentioned it in awhile.

 The getaway weekend is next weekend and my Mother asks, “…do you still need me to watch Josh that weekend?” Like I asked HER to do ME a favor. I told her no, Sandy will watch him. She FORGOT and made plans to go visit my Aunt that weekend. BUT – she tells me, “…I can come back early and watch him one night.” Oh – ssssssure! I told her: No. Just go. It’s. FINE. Sandy will watch him. Like she said she would.

So, whatever – she offered I suppose.


One response to “A Ray of Hope

  1. I too live with a passive-aggressive mom, albeit not as bad as this (yet). If it’s any comfort, I don;t think they do it on purpose, it’s jsut a skewed perspective. Hope you’re able to get past it and enjoy your night away!

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