So this is how my weekend starts…

A Friday Rant… I absolutely hate for anyone to go into my bedroom. My house is usually fairly clean, except my bedroom. My bedroom is my space where I can do anything I want to. If I want to have my underwear all over the bedroom, or if I don’t EVER want to make my bed, or if I want to have my clean folded laundry all over my dresser… you get the idea.

So as a precaution for the wanderer and to keep people out of my bedroom, I almost always have the bedroom door shut. Of course my inlaws are in town this weekend. I guess our bedroom is a mysterious space and they try to sneak a peek or find a reason to walk in there. I don’t really understand why. I’m always respectful of my inlaws house and I don’t lurk in their room. I’ve peeked or passed through but not EVER intentionally lingered in their bedroom. It makes my skin crawl. I know they probably just sleep in there, but what about when they aren’t sleeping? ICK.

I give my friends and all other family the same privacy and don’t invade their room. Hell, I don’t even know you, and I’d give you the same privacy.

Now that’s how I feel about my bedroom – imagine how I must feel about our master bathroom. Just stay out please. Yes, my sister in law, mother in law and father in law are all FREAKING hanging out in my bedroom. Oh but wait … my sister in law is now in my bathroom while my son gets his bath. (My husband is bathing him) God help me!

Do you have a personal space you don’t like people to go in?


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