Tick Tock Little Girl

I’m ready for this baby to get here. I know I’m not alone, my husband and son are both ready too. In an effort to be positive and cheery I’m going to refrain from my usual griping. You didn’t have to applaud so loudly!
This is day number 210 and I am 30 weeks pregnant!
I have 70 days or 10 weeks left, and I’m 75.0% of the way there.
I really want a healthy baby (who doesn’t?) so is it possible to hope for a healthy baby who comes a little early?
With my first pregnancy I carried him very high – probably because I once had stomach muscles. This baby is a low rider and kicks so low sometimes I think her toe is sticking out. I can’t fathom there being anymore room for her to grow. She’s pushing so hard on my stomach that I feel like we’ve already started to battle before she’s hit the terrible two’s. Have I mentioned she’s very very active but not until I lay down or until about 10:30 p.m. every night. She’s definitely determined to find a position that makes her comfy and me uncomfortable.
I have my 30 week check up today and I just know that she’s going to stop moving right when I go see the doctor. Be warned little girl – the clock is running. Here’s the thing – so is my clock, you moms know the one. My days of sleeping and not waking at 3 am for the 20th time are slowing sliding away and will soon be a distant memory.


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  2. chatterer says : I absolutely agree with this !

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