Updates Galore & Surplus Crap

Pregnancy Update –
30 week check up went well. I brought my son along and when he heard the baby’s heartbeat he said: “Why’s she eating your stomach?” Funny boy. I’m doing well and growing well. I’m measuring a 31 weeks – which leads me to wonder if they have my due date wrong. Time will tell. Anyhow – things are all good there. I’m ready, I swear she’s nearing readiness and I can barely wait.

Slumber Party Update –
My sweet boy had his first slumber party at his best friend’s house. My girlfriend was giving us a little babymoon – ya know,
that my mom couldn’t seem to swing. He spent most of the day there and got to sleep fine only to wake an hour later and want to come home. I was thrilled – I missed him so much and was really having a rough time (damn hormones) with the whole idea. We let him slumber with us – though he’s impossible to share a bed with – because we were so happy to see him.

I didn’t have any real expectations that he’d make it through the night and to be honest, I was sorta happy to know he still needs us. Even though he is constantly reminding us these days of how big and grown he is.

Current Junk in the Trunk

        Spent some time shopping with the hubby sans child. Nice and uber rare. Spent a wad of cash at Gymboree. The sales woman asked me when I was due – I tell her.

She says: “If you don’t mind me asking, how MANY are you carrying?”

Me: I gesture the following… I point at her, and draw my finger across my throat. Then I actually answer her – ONE.

        A “friend” from high school calls to catch up some. She’s seen us something like 3 times in the last 10 years, one of the times we saw her, my son was about 18 months. She doesn’t have any children and is currently engaged. Anyhow – I mention that my son is at his first sleepover. She says: “…get ready for that 3am phone call.”

The issues I have with this comment is that – 1. She doesn’t know my son or what he is capable of. 2. She doesn’t have children with which to compare. 3. Don’t make me nervous about something I’m already iffy on. What evah!

She’ll never know the outcome of the evening and she’ll never know the joy I felt at my son coming home early.

        I don’t LIKE

o   The Lohan’s – the reality series, the celebrity gossip on them, et al.

o   Tres leche cake

o   More to be added soon.


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