Real Men of Genius / Happy Father’s Day

I’m not a great wife though I try.

I don’t have the best role models for being a wife. My mom, aunts and even stepmom didn’t set the best examples. Their way of dealing with spousal problems was to complain about them to everyone else but to not ever address marital problems with their husbands. I’ve overcome this with a serious learning curve but I like to think that I’ve got this one beat.

Still I admit to not being a stellar wife. I don’t tell my husband often enough that I appreciate him. I don’t give him the credit he deserves for being a great father. I rarely thank him for the sacrifice he makes by working 40 hour weeks then coming home to play with his son and often cook dinner. I could go on but won’t because I don’t intend to have a pity party or beat myself up. I just wanted to acknowledge that I know I don’t do the best job at being a wife.

Jason’s pretty great really. He’s endlessly thoughtful and creative with showing me how he loves me. He’s soooo understanding and mostly a good listener. When I need a night out with friends he’s always willing to handle bedtime for our son to give me some time out. He is pretty understanding when I bite his head off only later to come back and tell him, I’m sorry its pms. Jason’s always on my side – always. He’s been great through ups and downs for me personally and within our relationship.

So, this Father’s Day – Here’s to you Father of my Child and Super Star Husband! /Real Men of Genius/ You know you have a bad ass family and you want to spend time with them. /You rock hard core!/ Father of my Child and soon to be children, you move mountains … of clothes from one couch to the other so we can cuddle as a family. /You want some action but you play it real cool/ You might not see your wife’s ass outside of the shower but you happily wipe your child’s poo off the carpet /wiiiiping poo/ You – Father of my Child and Super Star Husband are the love of my life and I hope that you have a great Father’s Day.



One response to “Real Men of Genius / Happy Father’s Day

  1. Can I get those lyrics on a t-shirt?

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