Making some progress

I’m making some progress on the pregnancy front. I couldn’t be more thrilled. The doctor reported that I’ve dialated 1 cm at 35 weeks. We had an ultrasound and our baby girl is already weighing in at 6 lbs. 6 oz. and has some hairs on that sweet head of hers. I’m pretty excited about that. Not the weight as much as the hair. I can’t wait to put some hair bows in it!

My obgyn also mentioned she’ll “intervene” at 39 weeks – so that’s some happy news to me. Instead of 5 weeks, I have 4 and I’ll take it. I’m fine with induction – we did it with our first born and we’re pretty pleased with the labor and delivery then. I know some people hate induction but for me its the way to go – I like knowing when.

There’s an end in sight and while I know I’ll miss keeping her safe inside, it’s time she gets into the world where we can kiss and cuddle her and enjoy her.

I’ve gotten some info about a doula in my area so that’s going to come in handy and my mother and I recently worked through some stuff so hopefully things are on the mend there too. I’m reaking with positivety today. Time for a shower.


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