Friday & 37 weeks preggo

I don’t know what I want to write about today. So I’m just going to see where my thoughts take me.

I had a good doctor’s appt on Thursday. I’ve dilated another cm so I’m up to 2 cm. I know that’s progress, but somehow I thought I’d made more progress than that in the 2 weeks since I last saw my dr.  As I’ve mentioned numerous times – I’m done with pregnancy this time around. I don’t (currently) mourn the nearing end and my ability to keep her all to myself and safe inside. This time I want it to conclude – like tomorrow. My Dr. did say she’ll induce me at 39 weeks and delivers on Tuesday or Thursdays so we’ll schedule that at next weeks appointment.

ALSO – I won a Fisher Price Easy Clean High Chair from Similac or some formula company who was holding a contest at my dr.’s office. Strange – I don’t remember entering to win but – I’m nothing but grateful.

In other bitching news – I received word that the crib we bought was recalled recently. Something about a strangulation risk. So you could say that the nursery WAS ready for my baby’s arrival. And it was looking cute too!

Our Recalled Crib

Our Recalled Crib

I am realizing I’ve not shared our baby’s name with the internets as of yet. We are having a girl and her name is Lauren Paige. I made this for her room:

L is for Lauren

L is for Lauren

In other news, updates and whatnot…

I decided to renew with my MOMS Club chapter. I know, I know… we’ll see how this year goes and if I’m still not enjoying it I won’t renew. Really its no skin off my teeth (does anyone know what that even means?) and I don’t HAVE to participate with anything. So I’ll reevaluate in a year.

My BFF within The Clique IS moving in a few short weeks to Russia. Very sad about this though my hormones are working against me on expressing it. Movers are literally at her house packing up everything in boxes – EVEN the SOFA! Don’t ask me how or why you’d pack a couch in a box but I guess the movers know best. Plus this is the “sea shipment” so better to box it than ___________? Next will be the air shipment and then she’ll be gone. I will be losing my partner in crime, my drinking buddy and it’s just bad. Bad timing since I’ll have a newborn, bad in the regard that she’s like me only 5 years in the future, bad because I won’t be able to just call her whenever. So it should make for some tears and frustration. I mean its bad enough when she goes out of town for 2 weeks – but 3 WHOLE FREAKING YEARS!? Yeah.

My son will be in a day camp all of next week. Good and Bad. Good because I’m worthless to him right now. I’m not fun at all. I’m drained and tired and would be happy to park it on the couch all day if it weren’t for those damn hemmroids! Bad because it’s our last week together before the baby comes (going to be induced the following week) and I’d LOVE to do fun things with him before Lauren peaks her head out. Still – I”m limited these days and I know he’ll have a better time at camp than at home with my lazy pregnant ass.

Guess I had a lot to say after all. And BTW, I’m REALLY working on being more positive! The hormones are getting the best of me.


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