My final days as the Mother to one

I have approximately 3 days and 15 hours until I go to the hospital to be induced. The doctor gave the word that we’re going to induce this pregnancy. Let me tell you that I’m thrilled beyond belief.

I’m ready for Lauren to get here and all the happiness that will bring. I’m also sad to see my world as a Mom to one change. Josh has been such a blessing and while we have had our rough spots, more often than not we have a GREAT time together. I’m sad to see those alone times go. I plan to make weekly dates – just him and I even after she’s born. I know this is all a happy change but to me its also bittersweet.

When Josh was born, I knew our life would change and while its been great there’s been a serious sacrifice between my husband and I. We don’t have much alone time, just us (not that we mind the 3rd wheel thrown on or now even the 4th, but it is a sacrifice to our marriage and our time as friends too.

This time I know what changes are in store for my husband and I (or at least I’m kidding myself into thinking so). It’s the changes between my relationship with my son that I’m worried about. Some things are just inevitable still I can’t help it. I don’t want him to get mad at me for not having room on my lap for him some days or for not having time (that exact moment) to read to him, or take him to bed, or watch him whistle, or FILL IN THE BLANK. I’ll try my damndest to make that time and reality is that my focus will be divided and initially it won’t be in his favor. He’s bound to be upset about that because I am and its not even happened yet.

So please share your tips for coping with the change of going from the Mom of one to 2+.


One response to “My final days as the Mother to one

  1. My first two are only fifteen months apart, and while I know I enjoyed my daughter when I only had her, once my son was born, I couldn’t imagine life without him. I don’t really remember much of those fifteen months, but it doesn’t bother me one bit. I now have three (my third was born June 15th) and while it’s another big change and I’m trying to make time for each of my kids individually, I don’t think it has changed my relationship with either of my older kids. It’s a good idea to make time for you and your son to do things alone, but also make sure to make time for your son to get to know his sister. I doubt that you’ll feel a great loss at the change in this relationship, though; the joy of adding a child to your family will probably outweigh the negative.

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